Illustrated breed standart from Golden Retriever Club of Canada
(nice pictures showing shade variations of GR and other usefull information about GR)

Site of Golden Retriever Club of US
(Comprehensive information about the breed of Golden Retriever, hereditary Problems, suggestion to potential dog owner on how to select responsible breeder, practical consideration prior to breeding and other useful information about Golden Retriever)

Site of Golden Retriever Club of UK
(history of the breed, information about Golden Retriever and success in breed shows, field trials, working tests, obedience, working trials, agility. Golden Retrievers working as Guide dogs, dogs for the disabled and as a companion dog at home)

Responsible breeders in Nearest Neighbourhood

Mr. Henric Fryckstrand
(more than 30 years of experience in breeding of Golden Retrievers)

Maud & Janne Törnblom Kennel Respons
(experienced breeder of Golden Retrievers from 1970)