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Competition „Well-bred Friend” Drukāt E-pasts


Sunday, October 1, 2006 the 1st international competition for children and youth with dogs „Well-bred Friend” was held in Riga, organized by the Latvian State Revenue Service (SRS). The event took place at the Railway Museum, which seemed well suited to run such show. In the age group 5-10 there were eight participants, while in the group for 10-18 years old there were ten. The organizers of the competition took great care, so that nobody would be a loser. Altogether the atmosphere was absolutely positive and friendly.

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What is goldenretriever.lv? Drukāt E-pasts
    This is a non-commercial educational home page about aspects that should be considered before getting a Golden Retriever. Dogs of this breed are buoyant and very friendly, which is visible from the friendly appearance of these dogs with the characteristic benevolent “canine smile” (remember the movie “Neverending Story” and the good-humored Luckdragon Falkor). These dogs are useful labor dogs, hunting dogs, fowling retrievers, and after special training the dogs can serve as rescue dogs. In this home page you will find answers to questions preoccupying me and many supporters of this idea who share the same views.
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Preventive Health Care Through Risk Management Drukāt E-pasts

Dog breeders are accustomed to thinking about preventive health care beginning with the selection of sire and dam.  Hip, elbow, eye, and heart clearances are usually high on the list of prerequisites.  In addition, many breeders try – to the best of their ability – to consider factors such as skin and allergy problems, epilepsy, cancers, hypothyroidism, and other common health issues in the breed.  It is a daunting and frequently frustrating task

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Hovan Slow-Grow Plan 2002 Drukāt E-pasts

    The goal of this Plan is to produce a slow rate of growth for puppies between the ages of birth and 4 months. The purpose of the slowed growth rate is to permit the healthiest possible development of bones and joints.  Rapid growth has been proven to be linked to a greater incidence and severity of orthopedic disease such as hip and elbow dysplasia, and panosteitis.  Faster growing pups are also more likely to sustain soft tissue injuries during play or exercise.  Additionally, there is preliminary evidence that heavier pups may be at increased risk for developing cancer later in life.


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OFA Hip Dysplasia Mating Probability Data Drukāt E-pasts

based on 152,589 dogs


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How can I test myself and my Golden Retriever? Drukāt E-pasts
Are we a positively oriented team?

    A dog has long been a man’s companion, helpmate in hunting and shepherding, guarding the house. The dog is not a cat whose training is not so important as dog’s. In fact, you may say that positive, stimulant training is just as important as proper feeding of the dog. The dog definitely enjoys doing something together with the owner after the latter’s positive direction. With developing technologies the guard dog will be no longer as effective as, for instance, house security of “Falck Security”, and also their monthly cost will be less than expenses on keeping a dog. I think that many will agree – buying a dog to keep it chained degrades the animal mentally. Also, chaining the animal and denying it an opportunity to be together with its pack – the family who has adopted the dog – is absurd from the angle of gregarious psychology. It can be viewed as torture. How can we give pleasure to the dog and vice versa?
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