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Sunday, October 1, 2006 the 1st international competition for children and youth with dogs „Well-bred Friend” was held in Riga, organized by the Latvian State Revenue Service (SRS). The event took place at the Railway Museum, which seemed well suited to run such show. In the age group 5-10 there were eight participants, while in the group for 10-18 years old there were ten. The organizers of the competition took great care, so that nobody would be a loser. Altogether the atmosphere was absolutely positive and friendly.

Arrangement of the competition was simple, so that children – the young competitors with their four-legged friends – would be able to complete the tasks: walking of the dog led by the nose, sitting and lying following movement, as well as invocation by motivating object or food. Thus, such events facilitate both understanding of little doggies’ masters about correct training of their four-legged companion by positive methods and positive attitude of the little four-legged friend towards his master.
The referees evaluated, how precisely the participants follow the orders, whether the dog obeys the order from the first time or it takes several times, and how positive is the bond between the participants, whether during the walk young master looks at his dog trying to keep the contact etc.
Upon unanimous decision of referees 5-year old Madara Ozola won with her Labrador in the youngest group. The little girl walked around the ring very carefully, precisely and attentively making the doggy to perform all necessary commands. Probably, her friend felt how desperately the little mistress wanted everything to be done at her will. Loret Boka with her family pet Golden Retriever Mister duly ranked as the first runner up; Mister is currently 8 months of age and together with his mistress he performed all tasks assigned to both, only slightly falling back in precision in comparison to the friendly cooperation of Madara and her doggy.
In this group www.goldenretriever.lv awarded a special prize to the master family of the Springer Spaniel Chester, where two girls participated in the youngest group, while a boy – in the eldest group. All three were second runners-up. Everything was done to the T – they lacked only a tit bit to make to the first or second spot.
In the eldest group referees had a more difficult choice to make. As regards of the precision the eldest sister of Loreta Boka – Justine – completed the task perfectly with the same Golden Retriever Mister taking the bun. Monika Zaleckaite was the firs runner up. There were no losers though – everybody was a winner.
After the official part a show followed prepared by dog experts. Dans Osins showed children, how a dog finds narcotic substances and marks this spot by scratching actively. The only award to the dog for the find was a ball.
The colleague of the Latvian customs officers from Lithuania – Arturs Zalecks with his police dog Ringo staged a funny show for children showing how a spell is cast on a dog with a magic wand just like Harry Potter. And all orders given by Arturs the dog understands also in the Latvian language. The dog leader also told that ability of a dog to distinguish smells is 800,000 times better than humans have. Other turns clearly demonstrated that the dog really is an animal with a “nose”.
Vera Panasina with her Border Collie showed how a dog is able to understand commands from the master’s facial expressions and how the dog “shepherds” a ball, since this breed is shepherd dog. Springer Spaniel Sandy showed how a dog passively marks a spot where narcotic substances are by lying beside. Zaiga Klavina with her police dog Akira demonstrated how a dog catches a criminal.
During the award ceremony both participants of the competition and fans showed their gratitude to the initiators of the competition – Lithuanian Arturas Zaleckas and dog leader of the Latvian customs Zaiga Klavina. Of course, not without support of management of SRS.
After the competition a trip for children and their parents was organized to the airport to watch the SRS customs officers and dog leaders in their routine job – how prohibited items are identified, people are detained and narcotic substances are found, where a dog is invaluable helpmate of a customs officer. Furthermore, it was told what to remember if you want to take your dog or cat on a trip along with you. Anybody who was present at the event could feel satisfied both for their accomplishments with the dog and information gained from professional dog trainers. All the more because the atmosphere was loose and free, and everybody could ask questions to the experienced dog trainers about issues they are interested most.
You can enjoy pictures from this pleasant event in the photo gallery.









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